What is the Toyota Corolla B gear?

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Introduction to the Toyota Corolla B Gear

The Toyota Corolla B gear is a unique and sophisticated piece of engineering that has been used as an upgraded option on the normal auto transmissions in certain Toyota models for a while. While it might seem out of place if you first notice it, there are actually a couple of pretty good benefits that come along with this technology. Well, to be clear it isn’t really a technology but rather a way of implementing… a well we will get to that in our article. So if you are wondering what the B Gear is on your shifter, and what it does keep reading for all the info we could find about this unique addition.

Definition: What is the B Gear?

The B gear, also known as “brake overdrive,” gives drivers extra control when accelerating or decelerating their cars. When engaged, it basically uses a bit of air-breaking style, but not exactly. It is like if you are gearing down when driving in your car to increase the drag of your car via your engine.

Full in depth video about the B gear in Toyotas

If you are really wondering what it is, and have an automatic car, we would suggest you put your car into the L (lower) gear setting and you will get a sense of what it does. It keeps a bit more of the hesitation on the car by keeping it in lower gear. It will help to increase stability and assist in breaking, which is best when you are going down cars or even on slippery surfaces.

Benefits of the B Gear

The B gear offers several advantages to those who choose to drive a Toyota Corolla.

The B gear is designed for lower speeds, making it perfect for city driving or driving in areas with heavy traffic congestion. It also provides better control over acceleration and deceleration, allowing you to navigate tight corners or slow down quickly when necessary.

The interesting thing about this feature is that it is unique that you can use it while going downhill, as well as uphill. Downhill is great because it will allow you to slow down more gradually, and uphill as it will give you a better control over your torque and control.

How to Use the B Gear

Understanding how to properly use the B gear can save time and energy while driving and increase your safety on winding roads. You don’t want to be driving like you’re in the fast and furious and think that slamming your transmission into the B gear/mode will give you a boost to beat Ja Rule….

The first step in using the B gear is to locate it. It’s located near the shifter and looks like a little button or switch that says “B”. Once you’ve found it, press down lightly on it until you hear or feel it click into place. It is best to do this selection at a slow speed or at a stopped position.

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Problems with the B Gear

When the B gear stops working properly, drivers may experience a sudden jerk or lurch when shifting into second or third gear. This can be extremely dangerous and cause serious damage to the car’s transmission system. Additionally, if the B gear fails completely, it can leave you stranded as you’re unable to shift gears at all.

In order to prevent these issues from occurring, it’s important to take steps such as regularly checking your transmission fluid levels and having your vehicle serviced regularly by a professional mechanic. Doing so will help ensure that your Toyota Corolla’s B Gear is functioning properly and help keep you safe on the road.


The Toyota Corolla B gear is one of the most popular cars on the market today. It has remained a top choice for drivers for many years due to its reliability, affordability and modern features. After exploring the important aspects of this car, it is clear that it is well-suited for those looking for a reliable and stylish ride.

And while the B gear might be unique to the Toyota brand, it is pretty similar to the L or low-drive options that most automatic cars offer. While not exactly the same don’t feel like you are missing out on anything amazing just because you have the L instead of the B.