How Porsche created a real life electric turbo boost

Learn about Porsches electric turbo booss

The 918 RSR’s performance hybrid system uses a large flywheel to store energy which can be released on command – like a real-life turbo boost button. Here’s how it works:Step 1.) Hit the Brakes!

The driver quickly presses the middle pedal. Clever electrical stuff starts happening.

Two electric motor/generators, each one dedicated to a separate front wheel, kick into reverse – or generating mode – and begin converting the car’s forward motion into an electrical current.

Inside the ominous nuclear-reactor dome resides a carbon-fiber flywheel, which revolves inside a stator. Because the flywheel’s in a vacuum (no drag) and been loaded with magnetic material, it acts just like a electric motor/generator. When the current generated during braking reaches the flywheel, it increases the flywheel’s rotation speed from an idle state of around 20,000 rpm up to a maximum of 36,000 rpm.