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7440 vs. 7443 – Introduction to our article comparing these lights

For anyone who’s unsure about the difference between 7440 and 7443 lights, this article is for you. We’ll go over the key differences between the two so that you can make sure that you get the right bulb for your car/truck or whatever you want to use them on. There isn’t a huge difference between the two, but the reality is that any difference between them will be the difference between if they will or won’t work. They aren’t even really used for the same thing in most vehicles as the 7440 lights are typically used for turn signals, brake lights, and reverse lights. They’re also sometimes used as daytime running lights. 7443 lights, on the other hand, are mostly used for brake lights.

So keep reading as we go over pretty much every aspect of these bulbs because getting the wrong one will be a pain and at the end, we will give our recommendation as to the best ones on the market as well. Bulbs are one of those things you just don’t want to put off when it comes to upkeep and maitnence for your car.

What is the 7440 Bulb?

The 7440 bulb is a pretty common bulb as it is used in a lot of cars. These bulbs are often used in tail lights, brake lights, and turn signals. That is pretty much all there is when it comes down to it. We can’t write much more about it as it is just a light bulb used in a car and has a SINGLE filament. Keep this in mind as that will be the biggest difference between the 7440 and the 7443.

Close up replacement bulb with red cover
Close-up replacement bulb

The one thing that is a bit unique to this bulb type is that there are two options for this model of the bulb. The first option is the T series, which is used for turn signals. This is because it has a built-in resistor.

The L series, on the other hand, is for the rear lights, and some people have even said that they are almost exactly the same as the 7443 bulbs.

The colors are obviously different based on which signal on the car you will use them in. If you are using them on the break light it won’t be the same color as the signal light, right?

What is the 7443 Bulb?

The 7443 is a light bulb model usually found in the turn signal or in the brake light. Again, it is just a bulb so there isn’t a huge amount to write about the specifics of the bulb other than it has a DUAL filament.

7440 Vs. 7443 Turn Signal Bulb Differences

When it comes to turn signal bulbs, there are two main types: 7440 and 7443. Both types have their own unique benefits and drawbacks. So, what’s the big difference between them?

If you have both of them in your hands and don’t look at the model number, you could easily be confused as to the differences between them because the overall shape is pretty similar. However, internally there are a couple of important aspects which impact how and where you can use them.

7440 bulbs are typically used in older cars. They’re smaller and easier to install than 7443 bulbs. However, they don’t last as long and can be more difficult to find.

7443 bulbs are the most popular type of turn signal bulb. They’re larger than 7440 bulbs and last longer. However, they can be more difficult to install, but they are usually going to have a higher output. This isn’t just some random aspect of the blub; it is because of where it is used. You need to have bright lights in the turn signals, so others know what you are doing while you’re changing lanes or turning.

So, which type of turn signal bulb is right for you? If you have an older car, a 7440 bulb may be your best option as it will fit where it should, But if you have a newer car or want a bulb that lasts longer, a 7443 bulb is probably your best bet.

Price and Longevity

When it comes to price, there isn’t really a big difference between 7440 and 7443. This is the same as with their longevity as there is not much difference between the two. 7443 tends to last slightly longer than 7440, but the difference is not significant, and you should be able to get around 8-10 years out of the bulbs with normal use and constant voltages. These bulbs aren’t usually on all the time so they don’t have as many hours on them as opposed to daytime running lights if you have those.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Are all 7443 and 7440 bulbs the same?

Like most things in life, there are differences between brands and product lines, so you will want to ensure that you get a good bulb for your project.

Sometimes these bulbs are a pain to access and change, so you really don’t want to skimp out and just buy the cheapest ones and have to change it in a year or two. If you get a good brand, you should have about 8-10 years of problem-free illumination. We have our top picks at the end of the article so if you are looking for the best 7443 and 7440 bulbs, make sure you check it out.

What Is A 7440 Bulb used for in a car?

The 7440 is used in the rear decks of car lighting setups. This is usually in the turn signals or the reverse lights. It isn’t 100% of the time, but the majority of the times this is where you’ll find the 7440 bulbs.

What Is A 7443 Bulb used for in a car?

In a car, a 7443 bulb is used as a turn signal for the front of the car. This is because it is a bit brighter and is required for front facing interactions when you’re turning or changing lanes.

Which cars use the 7443 lightbulbs?

Generally speaking, you will find this model of lightbulb in the common cars on the road. This includes VW, Hondas, Chevys, and Toyotas.

Which cars use the 7440 lightbulbs?

7440 bulbs are found in Honda,s Chevys, VW, and Toyotas.

As you can see, they are pretty much the same as the 7443, and that is because they are often found in the same car just one set is in the front end, and the other is in the rear end.

Can you use a 7443 blub in a 7440 socket?

No, you will not be able to use a 7443 bulb in a socket designed for the 7440

Can you use a 7440 blub in a 7443 socket?

There might be times when you can actually use a 7440 in a 7443 socket.

Although this doesn’t make sense, it is just because the socket has the space to accept the 7440 in it while the 7443 socket doesn’t have any extra space.

Q: Can I Replace My Turn Signal Bulb With LED?

If you’re looking to replace your turn signal bulbs, you may be wondering if you can use LED bulbs. After all, LEDs are more energy efficient and have a longer lifespan than traditional incandescent bulbs. And while you might be worried about changing the type of light that is used in your turn signals the easy answer is 99% of the time you can use an LED light in place of the stock light. Here is a perfect example of a light that was made to use LED lights in place of the stock bulbs your car came with.

What is a CK socket?

A CK socket is a type of light bulb socket that is commonly used in automobile headlights. The main difference between a CK socket and a regular light bulb socket is the size of the base. A CK socket has a smaller base than a regular light bulb socket, which makes it easier to install in tighter spaces. And the thing that you have to keep in mind is that there aren’t many cars that actually use the CK Socket, so either you have this type of socket and that is why you are looking for this info, or it is just something that you can skip over.

The CK socket is used for turn signals, so it does have some relation to the bulbs we are talking about in this article, but honestly, it doesn’t have a lot of crossover with these bulbs.

Our top pick for the 7443 bulb

We have only had to change these bulbs once in our life, and for that, we went with a dependable brand which is Phillips. This is a well-known brand with years of experience making light bulbs. As most people have access to Amazon, we will just post this link to the best Phillips bulb if you need a 7443 replacement:

7443 Phillips Bulb


Our top pick for the 7440 bulb

Same situation with the 7443 bulbs; we think that it’s best to spend the extra dollar or two and get a good brand and good bulb for your replacement. That’s why we suggest this Phillips 7440 bulb:

7440 Phillips Bulb



When it comes to LED bulbs, there are a lot of different options on the market. But when changing your light, sometimes you need to know the exact bulb that you need to replace. As we saw in this article, the difference between the 7443 and 7440 is that it is one-way compatible, so if you don’t get the right bulb, there is a chance that you won’t be able to get a working bulb.

The biggest thing between the bulbs is that one of them is usually used for the front of the car while the other is usually used for the back. So when it comes to choosing between 7440 and 7443 bulbs, it really just depends on what you need them for. If you’re looking for turn signal lights, go with 7440 bulbs. If you need brake lights, go with 7443 bulbs.