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Introduction: Who is Donut Media?

Donut Media is a car-focused YouTube channel that produces videos on a variety of topics related to cars.  They produce a wide range of car-related content, from reviews and test drives to DIY tutorials and history lessons. Their videos are fun and can help people from all levels of car modding learn different aspects of things they can do for their cars.

Keep on reading to find out more about Donut media, and why we think they are easily the best Youtube car video creators … probably EVER.

A list of Donut Media shows


Bumper 2 Bumper

Money Pit

Up to Speed



Why do we love Donut media videos?

It really comes down to the fact that they know their stuff when it comes to car modding, but don’t make you feel like an idiot when explaining things to you. They have a great time fixing common issues and taking the plunge to buy those random things we see on Wish for cars but never buy for ourselves.

We love doughnut media because they make car videos that are enjoyable to watch. They are creative and have a lot of knowledge about cars and car modding, which they share in their videos. They are also very funny, and their videos always put a smile on our faces.

The Types of Car Videos They Produce

There are a few different types of car videos that Donut Media produces. The first type is the educational video. These are videos that teach viewers about the ins and outs of cars, and they often feature experts who share their knowledge.

The second type is the news video. These videos keep viewers up-to-date on the latest happenings in the automotive world and often include interviews with industry insiders.

The third type is the review videos which give viewers an in-depth look at specific cars and help potential buyers make informed decisions. We love the ones that buy the Wish products and show how terrible they are. Because we always see them in the app and are tempted to buy them but know better. But then they just buy the products and show us exactly what we knew, and that is that the products are awful

Our favorite series that they have is HiLow. This past season they bought very similar 370s and modded them both. The first got top-of-the-line everything, while the other got the cheapest options they could find. The result was a very capable, yet affordable 370.

The first one is the more expensive of the two and has been named “Mr. Money” while the other is named “Sir Cheapton”.  And in the end, it is a bit surprising what happens so we suggest checking it out when you can , and here is one of our favorite episodes:

Who would have thought $300 coilovers aren’t great?

A group of fun loving car modding guys

Donut media was a small company that produces car-related videos. Their videos are high quality and they have a great sense of humor. We say WAS because they were acquired in 2021 and have used the newfound financial backing to make even better quality videos. We’re not saying they weren’t great before but now it is easily one of the highest quality series on Youtube.

We love Donut media because their videos are high quality and they have a great sense of humor. Their videos are educational, entertaining, and informative. We appreciate that they take the time to produce such high-quality content. Their hosts are amazing as well, as James Pumphrey leaves us laughing for a whole range of reasons. Each member brings a unique skill set and sense of humor to the shows, which is why we enjoy all the different shows.

The cast seems to be actual friends who have a good time laughing at each other and themselves. This is why I like it because it feels like hanging out with your friends, staring at a car issue that you know you caused yourself, and just laughing and having a great time. Just check out this video of them testing out Wish purchases…

Why you should never order car parts from WISH

Their Unique Approach to Car Videos

Donut Media is a car-centric media company that produces engaging, informative videos about all things cars. From new model reviews to nostalgic looks back at classic cars, Donut Media has something for every car enthusiast.

What sets Donut Media apart from other car-focused content creators is their approach to videos. Rather than simply reviewing new models or discussing the latest industry news, Donut Media tells stories about cars and the people who love them.

Whether it’s a history of a particular make or model or a profile of an up-and-coming racing star, each video is designed to give viewers a deeper understanding and appreciation for the cars they love.


Donut Media is one of the most popular automotive channels on YouTube and they deserve all the success they have received. They have a unique style that keeps viewers coming back for more. Whether it’s their car reviews, history videos, or just their general approach to car culture, there’s something for everyone. Here are just a few reasons why we love Donut Media and its car videos.

Overall the cast just has the right groove as they all seem to be friends and enjoy what they are doing. I really hope that Donut media keeps their videos coming as they are fun, informative and just an overall great time.