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We are a page all about modding cars and talking about the newest and coolest cars! We love to help our followers personalize their own cars and make them unique. If you’re looking for car inspiration, or tips and tricks on how to mod your own car, this is the page for you! Follow us for daily posts on all things cars!

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I know that there aren’t many posts or things that are so exciting there, but hang with me as it does take a while 🙂

And as a side note, we did find that this site at one point did have information on it and thought that it would be terrible for all that information to be thrown away as some people did come back looking for that. While we wanted to provide some of that info they were looking for, we also know that we did not write it or take those awesome pictures. So we have not used any of the pictures at all because frankly they are not ours. However, we did take the articles and re wrote them as best we could. Although we couldn’t capture the magic of the original writers had, but we tried to capture the info as best we could.