What is the Mada-9?

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Introduction to the Mala 9

The Taliban, usually known for their insurgency against the government of Afghanistan, has recently been spotted showing off their made-in-Afghanistan Supercar powered by a Toyota engine of some sort. Dubbed the “Taliban Supercar,” this vehicle has raised questions about pretty much every aspect of the car.

In this article, we will take a closer , or as close as we can based on a couple of pictures of the parked car.., and I guess talk about it?

The Modified Engine

The Taliban Supercar is believed to be powered by a modified version of the standard 1.8-liter engine found in the Toyota Corolla. According to reports, the engine has been heavily modified to increase horsepower and torque, resulting in significantly improved performance. But the truth is that we have yet to see the car driven on a street… or anywhere. There have been people talking about the 5 years and 30 engineers needed to make this thing a reality, but there has yet to be a video of the car in action…

As far as the engine goes… all that is known is that right now, it is supposed to be a Toyota engine of some sort…. with hopes of making it into an electrically powered car in the future…

So what is the car?

So let’s get down to what we know about the car itself… which is pretty slim to put it nicely. Let’s go over it in point so it looks nicer

  • The car can be parked
  • It has a shell that looks sleek

That is all that we know for sure but, as we were writing this article up we take it back. We believe in truthful reporting and it looks like from this video we can actually see that it can drive on the road:

AND, we must add

  • It has lights that can be powered on


The Taliban Supercar is a unique and intriguing development in a bit of a confusing time. Is this what Afghanistan needed? How could it take 30 engineers 5 years to make what looks like a shell car? What engine does it use? The list could really go on and on, as to be totally honest we might be missing something.

Those engineers could have created something really special and they are waiting to spring it on the whole world. There are discussions that it could be displayed internationally, so we are really hoping that it is something great that comes out of their hard work. There is always room for another supercar in the world, but if it has a 2017 Corolla engine in it, we don’t think that Ferrari is probably too worried about losing market share.