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Toyota is a car manufacturer with a long history of producing reliable and efficient vehicles. Many of their cars have unique features that stand out from the competition, such as the “B Gear” feature. This article aims to explain what the B Gear does in Toyota models and how it can affect your driving experience.

The B Gear is a unique transmission setting found on many Toyota vehicles that allow for higher RPM levels at lower speeds. This special gear improves acceleration performance and can be used in automatic transmissions. When activated, it increases engine torque for increased power delivery when accelerating, resulting in quicker acceleration times. Additionally, using the B Gear helps reduce fuel consumption because it reduces engine load due to shifting at lower RPMs than without it.

This is just a high-level review of what the gearing change means for you, so we cover every aspect in our Toyota Corolla B gear article.

What is the B gear in a Toyota Corolla?

The B Gear, or “brake gear,” is a feature found on many Toyota vehicles. It’s designed to help drivers stop their vehicles quickly and safely in an emergency. The B Gear also helps reduce fuel consumption and increase the life of your brakes.

Where is the B gear located in my Corolla?

If you are feeling like you’re missing out on this magical gear, don’t worry. Just look at your automatic shifter, like you see in this picture, it will have a B if it is an option in your car.

how to use the B gear in your Corolla
The B gear engaged in a Toyota Corolla

As you can see, this person just shifted their car into the B gear, so it is no applied to their car.

What does the B gear do when it is enabled?

The “B gear” is commonly used to refer to the second gear in an automatic transmission system. In Toyota cars, the B gear is typically used for moderate acceleration and climbing hills. So if you are wondering what this B on your automatic shifter would don’t worry, as we will go over the benefits it provides right now!

When you engage the B Gear, it will automatically shift down to the lowest gear possible when you apply pressure to the brake pedal. This allows quicker stopping power than if you were simply braking in neutral. When your Toyota is in the B Gear mode, you’ll notice that engine RPMs are higher than normal due to increased engine braking forces from the downshift. The increased engine braking helps slow your vehicle more quickly than just applying pressure to the brake pedal alone would do.

Does using the B gear save you gas?

The B gear is an important feature that can be utilized to save money in many ways, but it shouldn’t be used all the time. This isn’t a gear set meant to save fuel but used during pretty specific situations when you might save some money.

When the B gear is engaged on a Toyota car is used to help drivers conserve fuel and reduce their overall cost of ownership. With this feature, drivers can choose the most efficient driving mode for their journey and ensure they get the most out of every gas tank.

This gear setting also helps drivers save money by allowing them to reduce engine revolutions per minute (RPM). This reduces wear on the engine and helps maintain optimal performance, which means less frequent repairs or replacements are needed.

Additionally, using the B gear allows for smoother acceleration from stoplights and better control when cornering or going downhill, which results in more fuel savings. But again, once you max out your RPMs for that gear set you will need to change it to a normal driving setting

Is the B gear still used in Corollas today?

Today, many Toyota cars come equipped with automatic transmission systems as standard, although some models still offer the option of an automatic transmission. However, we don’t want to ruin your hopes in saying that every single Corolla has it, as the older ones might not come with this option.

So if you want to check just go look at your shifter and you can see if your car has the option or not.

How do you use the B gear in your Corolla?

One of the most important features of a Toyota car is its B Gear, especially when you are going through mountains or driving when you need to stay in a lower gear than normal.

The B Gear allows drivers to increase fuel efficiency and decrease emissions by using less fuel when accelerating. It also provides greater control over the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle, allowing for smoother driving and increased safety. To use this feature effectively, drivers must understand what it does and how to operate it properly.


The B gear is a pretty similar setting to the L gear for most other cars. It keeps your RPMs low and is great for use in places where you might use excessive breaking, like going up and down hills or driving slowly on slippery surfaces. It isn’t rocket science, and several other companies have very similar options, but most label them as L vs. the B label Toyota loses.

So if you were confused about why there is a B there, and no, it isn’t for Boost, don’t worry as many people were. Hopefully, our article has helped clarify any questions you have. Here is a great video that full explains the topic even more, if you feel like you still have some questions left:

Toyota B gear explanation