What do we know about the next gen Accord?

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The 2023 Honda Accord

The 2023 Honda Accord is a vehicle that has been highly anticipated by many. What we know is a bit limited but we will try to piece together the info we have found online and a couple of videos that will wet your appetite for the next generation. We did a review of the last generation of the accords, so we are excited to hear they are putting out a new one.

This vehicle will have a completely new design. It will be longer and wider than the previous model, and it will have a more aggressive stance. The front end will be dominated by a large grille, and the headlights will be slim and LED units. The rear end will have a sleek design, with LED taillights and dual exhaust outlets which is in line with the previous generation.

The interior of the 2023 Honda Accord will be just as impressive as the exterior. It will feature high-quality materials, with leather upholstery and wood trim accents throughout. We really hope that the front seats will stay comfortable, and expect there to be enough room for all the passengers to stretch out.

The only thing we are afraid of is if Honda goes the BMW route where the models end up merging and the Civic and Accord continue to get closer to each other than their previous generations, ALA the 3/5/7 series the BMW has kinda made into a weird bunch of cars that are all pretty close to each other.

Exterior design

The new Accord will be based on the current model, with some subtle changes inspired by the new Civic. These changes include a more horizontal shoulder line, squared-off front end, and thinner headlights. The various curves, arcs, and C-shaped taillights of the current model will be straightened out, removed entirely, or slimmed down and simplified. So while we still expect to see some signals and shapes inspired by the Civic we hope that it keeps it bulkier size. But to be honest the current generation gives us a bit of a hard time when we see a Civic or Accord drive by.

Some of the accord renderings for the next generation look pretty cool, but we won’t get our hopes up until we see some actual pictures.

Interior design

The interior of the new Accord will ( again unfortunately ) probably take inspiration from the Civic. It looks like it is coming out with a full-width dashboard air vent motif, more squared-off switchgear, door handles, steering wheel hub, and a fully digital cluster. So again, not saying the Civic is bad, we just really hope that somehow they are able to make a nice difference between the Civic and Accord.

Engine and performance

As we haven’t seen much as far as the trim levels or engine setups we can’t fathom Honda offering the standard Accord again as when they write it out of their options it usually doesn’t come back. This is why we love our Accord , as it was the last that came with a manual V6, which is just the thing dreams are made of.

There will probably be a fuel efficient version, an engine that has more power and less efficient, and finally probably some type of turbo option. This is basically in line with their last generation. So , if I were a betting man I would think a 1.5L turbo similar to this generation, but hoping that it might get up to 2.0 or more.

What we are actually excited about though is the hybrid that comes out as a focus of getting away from gas engines continues. When we looked at getting a hybrid for our generation we were left really disappointed. The range and recharge left a lot to be desired.

Tied in with the low capacity to recharge while driving around the city was the pitiful engine that felt like it would feel slow in a Civic. So hopefully Honda does the Accord a solid and give it a nice hybrid option this time. Honda has stated they want the hybrid Accord to make up a lot larger of a percentage of their sales this time, so hopefully they make it a desirable car as opposed to one that was thrown together just to satisfy a couple people.


For a car that has been around since 1976 the Accord has gone through a lot of changes, and if we ignore that terrible automatic transmission issue of the 2000 generation it has been a solid car that people can count on. We love our Accord and would look at trading ours in , if Honda really made an effort to make this generation a lot more different than the Civic. Not only that, but if they really need to add a bit more of an aggressive look to it. We want a car that just destroys the Camrys or the offering Kia offers. Here is a quick video of what some people are thinking the next generation might have: