Toyota prius rv style

All about the prius RV

Toyota Prius RV style, Whoopee! That’s what we want to make it known as. This weekend at Tokyo Auto Salon, along with NAPAC, Toyota announced that it will reportedly be offering a Toyota Prius RV Style. And if your question is, does this exist? Then our answer is yes. ) it can in fact be ordered.

I believe many will disagree with me more than Toyota, but this is undoubtedly the kooky vehicle produced of the automaker.The change from going from green to living green includes the addition of an enormous lump on top of the hybrid, which is made entirely from Fibre-Reinforced Plastic (Fancy ) and extends the vehicle’s length to 4,980 mm (196 inches) and its height to 2,050 mm (81 inches).

The inside has basically what Toyota describes as a room that car owners can optionally install the removable coffee table and a side sofa bed, and if someone happens to drop by, he or she will also find an additional bed on the second floor. It sounds like a lot of place for such a small RV, doesn’t it? and did we mention that there is also a back door?