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You guys know that we love Donut Media… I mean, how can you not? They answer the questions we have about cars, show us how to fix things on the cheap and are truthful about parts. They are straight forward and funny… so how can you not like them?

This season they did a high and low build of a Subaru WRX Let’s just say it was something…

Hi-LO by Donut Media

Donut Media has given us yet another YouTube series to enjoy. Hi-LO is a web series that takes viewers on an engaging and informative journey into the world of cars. The show offers a unique take on automotive culture and features some of the top car makers in the world, giving viewers an inside look at the industry’s best builds.

The series follows host Jared Dines as he profiles various car brands, from classic American muscle to modern supercars. Each episode dives deep into the design and engineering processes behind each vehicle, showcasing its performance capabilities in real-world settings. As Jared navigates through each build, he also examines how car design can shape our culture and lifestyle over time.

One car gets the high-priced parts and upgrades… the other gets the low-priced parts. Then they compare the performance results and see if spending more or less on specific parts is worth it.

Season Overview

The hit YouTube series Hi-LO by Donut Media has finally ended. With a finale that gave fans the closure they’d hoped for, it was a bittersweet goodbye for viewers who had followed the show from its inception. And to be clear the finale is just for the WRX… but I am sure that the guys are happy to see this chapter come to an end as it was endless heartbreak… which was a huge change from the Nissan build from the previous season.


So what did we find out about this season…. well for one I will never look at a WRX the same way. These guys know what they’re doing, and they had to go through not only a couple of parts… but a couple of CARS. AND ENGINES… like how would I ever be able to keep one going.

Also, if you spend more money on parts, they’re generally better… that is a shocker huh.