The good and bad aspects of a lowered car

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Introduction to things to think of before you lower your car

 When it comes to car customization, one of the first things people often do is lower their car. While this can give your car a more aggressive look, there are also some practical benefits and drawbacks to consider before deciding to lower your car. If you like the look of it and are thinking of slamming your car make sure you read the pros and cons. 

Although it might look awesome it can have an impact on a lot of different aspects of driving your car so make sure you read everything here first.  And if you want to keep coming back for more updates make sure you check out our blog about modding cars as often as you can!

Pros of a lowered car

Lowering a car has many benefits. First, it lowers the center of gravity of the car, which makes it handle better in turns and at high speeds. Second, it makes the car more aerodynamic, which reduces drag and increases fuel efficiency.

If you lower your car with coilovers it will allow you to customize a lot more options on top of just the ride height. This tuning ability can really come in handy if you are going to track your car, but also want to drive it as a daily. Most people won’t want the same stiffness on city streets as on a track… but some do.

But let’s be serious… we want to lower the car because it looks awesome. Fender gap… weak…. big tires looking too thick… weak. Slamming your car pretty much makes any car look a million times better .. INSTANTLY

two lowered VW cars parked
Perfect ride height

Cons of lowering your car

Of course, there are some drawbacks to lowering a car as well. First, it can make the ride rougher, as the suspension is not designed for such a low ride height.

Second, it can make going over speed bumps and potholes more difficult, as there is less clearance between the ground and the bottom of the car. So yes you will have to change the way you drive. But going slow and sideways over a speed bump just lets people know how cool you are.

The next, and probably most irritating aspect of lowering the car is that it can break things. If you lower your car a couple of inches with springs there is a risk that your stock shocks will break. But, if you look at that in a positive point of view it lets you upgrade them so… kind of a win? Camber wear is also something that might happen, but that is again just a chance for you to buy a camber kit! Another kind of win?! Right…

Finally, lowering your car can also reduce its resale value. But let’s be serious. You are either A) going to keep your car forever…. or B) sell it to someone who appreciates the piece of art you have created.

very low bmw
perfect ride height for this bmw

The ugly: risks associated with a lowered car

While a lowered car may give the driver a sense of style and speed, there are several risks associated with this modification. One of the most significant dangers is the increased likelihood of rolling over. A lower center of gravity makes the car more top-heavy and less stable, meaning that it is more prone to flipping over if the driver takes a sharp turn or hits an obstruction.

Another risk is that lowering the car can make it more difficult to drive on uneven surfaces, such as potholes or gravel roads. The driver may also find it difficult to see over obstacles, making it more likely to have an accident. In addition, lowering a car can damage the suspension and alignment, which can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

Final thoughts on lowering your car

When it comes to lowered cars, some pros and cons need to be considered before deciding to lower your car.

On the plus side, a lowered car can improve handling and give the driver a more exhilarating driving experience. Additionally, many people think that lowered cars look way better ( pretty much everyone).

However, there are some drawbacks to lowering a car as well. For example, lowered cars often have a rougher ride due to the smaller clearance between the ground and the bottom of the car. But these are just kind of the war scars that people live with for having a slammed car. Either way it is your choice and there are different things to think about before you do it so if you want more info check out this video to find out more:

5 things to think about before you lower your car