The cr z hondas hybrid race car

All about the CR Z hybrid race car

According to the CEO of 7Tune, Juston Karow, Mugen parts will be featured on various dates from April and will include front and rear half spoilers, front grille, side skirts, rear wing, hydrophilic side mirror replacements and two different alloy wheel designs for the exterior, while performance parts will include a stainless steel exhaust system, sports suspension kit,airbox and air cleaner performance brake pads. Interior features also include a dry carbon interior mirror cover, floor mats, and a GFRP gauge mount for three gauges on the dashboard.

From April 25, 2019, the rear spoiler and its sides will be sold separately for 168,000 JPY (186,900 JPY painted), the front half spoiler for 51,450 JPY (57,750 JPY painted), and the sides for 57,750 JPY (66,150 JPY painted).A little earlier on April 15 a black sports diner will prepare for US$39,950 with optional LED lighting for US$36,750. A carbon number plate surround for US$1,290 will also be available at the same time. From April 26 will come a vehicle designed to minimize the influence of sunlight and infrared rays. The left and right mirrors can be quickly assembled to act as both a wide-angled and curved mirror. Its cost is 19,950 JPY.

Mugen NR and GP series wheels can be purchased for the CR-Z at prices ranging from $47,250 to $40,950 and are available to suit 205 45 R17 tires. The NR series 10-spoke wheels are available for Black Metal Coat ($47,250), Mirror Face ($40,950), and silver ($39,900) finishes, and all are suitable for 205 45 R17 tires.The gp is the best-selling model, each wheel being at least 1kg lighter than the alloy supplied on the black market.

Because of its metal construction, the stainless steel exhaust is designed to reduce the number of bends in the pipework to improve flow and has an end tip that resembles the radiator of a Mazda RX-8. It’s available now for 134,400 yen.The sports suspension kit will be available for both AC and CVT versions of the 2019 CR-Z and feature adjustable height anywhere from -15 to 20 millimeters and have 5-step adjustable damping. Both the CVT and AC kits will retail for 177,450 yen and will begin shipping in Japan from April 26.Air flow over the stock intake is increased via the improved performance of the air filter and airbox. The Mugen airbox will be available for sale from May 27 and cost 94,500 yen. The Type S (Type Sport) brake pads are well suited to a broad range of driving conditions and can be run at temperatures between 50 and 550 degrees.The Type S seat cushions will go on sale from 24,100 JPY (front) to 19,950 JPY (rear) and are scheduled for a late July release.

The Mugen GFRP gauge mount includes three electronic gauges for water temp, oil temp and oil pressure which have peak recall and warning functions and are linked to a control unit. The gauge mount sits on top of the dashboard and does not affect the driver’s vision at all. The gage mount is available for 126,000 yen.The carbon interior mirror cover solely covers the existing mirror and is sold for 11,550 JPY. Next are the Mugen floor mats available just as separate front mats for 19,950 JPY or as a set of two mats for front and rear for 4,150 JPY.

Personally, I do not like nor find the CR-Z’s greatly stylized form appealing, yet what Spoon have been doing with Honda’s new offspring has made me reconsider my opinion. A newly alloyed body style and lowered ride height, surprisingly, exceeded my expectations, even though some futuristic features, such as those from Spoon, are still plainly on display.