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Introduction to the issues with Tesla cars

As Tesla continues to grow in popularity, so make car complaints. Common issues include the Autopilot feature, touchscreen display, and paint quality. We took a look at Lucid Air and their issues on delivery that seem to be ramping up as their sales pick up, so let’s look at the OG EV issues at Tesla.

The Autopilot feature has been known to fail, causing the car to veer off course or into oncoming traffic. The touchscreen display is another source of frustration for Tesla owners, and the screen is known to freeze or go blank, leaving drivers without important information like speed and navigation. Please look at our article to find common issues across all the Tesla lines, as well as Model specific issues that people have been reporting.

If you’re considering a Tesla, be aware of these common issues before making your purchase, and read our article to know what to look for before you sign off on your delivery.

Common issues across the Tesla product lines

A few common issues seem to pop up across Tesla’s product lines. And while we could accept that there might be some complaints due to the number of sales they have, the truth is that Tesla doesn’t ship that many cars a year. They are a fraction of the size of some of the specific models of Ford Trucks, let alone the entire company. So it isn’t just that they have lots of customers that they have lots of complaints, they don’t have that many customers… but a higher amount of complaints in relation to their sales.

Common problem 1: brakes

One common problem Tesla owners report is brake problems. The brakes may squeal or grind when applied, or the brake pedal may feel spongy. In some cases, the brakes may even fail altogether. These problems can be caused by several factors, including worn brake pads, leaky hydraulic lines, or faulty calipers. The brake rotors may also warp or crack. This can cause the brakes to pulsate when applied, and it may make a grinding sound when you use the brakes. So, already off to not a great start as breaks are a pretty important aspect of a car… they help you stop from hitting stuff… so yeah, not great.

Common problem 2: paint chipping/fading

Paint chipping and fading is a common problems for Tesla owners. The paint on these cars is susceptible to chipping and fading due to the high-gloss finish. Tesla recommends using a clay bar and polishing the car regularly to maintain the paint. Some owners have also had success using a clear coat protectant or ceramic coatings and sealants. But, while we understand painting is getting better for the environment and thus less sturdy, there is still some expectation that you will get an excellent-looking paint job defect-free. We have also heard that the rear bumper is prone to chipping and fading and that the edge of the diffuser and the corners of the spoiler are also susceptible to chipping.

Common problem 3: Suspension

Suspension is one of the most common issues that Tesla owners face, and the problem is especially prevalent in the Model S, which uses an air suspension system. This system can fail for several reasons, including leaks in the airlines or compressor failure.

Tesla has issued many service bulletins related to suspension problems and has even extended the warranty on the air suspension system in some cases. However, many owners are still facing costly repairs.

If you’re considering buying a Tesla, be sure to factor in the potential cost of repairs into your budget. And if you already own a Tesla, keep an eye on your suspension and have it serviced regularly to avoid any significant problems down the road.

Common problem 4: tires

As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, they must be aware of the common issues they may have. For Tesla owners, one common problem is with the tires.

tesla with its lights on in the dark

Tesla recommends that owners check their tire pressure at least once a month for any unusual wear or damage. It’s also essential to ensure that the tires are correctly inflated – underinflated tires can lead to decreased range and increased wear. In contrast, overinflated tires can make the ride less comfortable.

If you notice any problems with your Tesla tires, getting them fixed as soon as possible is essential. Driving on damaged or bald tires is not only dangerous, but it can also void your warranty.

Tesla Model S issues

Since Tesla Motors began production of the Tesla Model S in 2012, the company has been plagued by a series of issues and problems with the vehicle. The most common topics include battery fires, overheating, and software glitches.

In 2015, reports surfaced of several Tesla Model S cars catching fire. The cause was later determined to be a problem with the car’s battery pack, and Tesla responded by issuing a recall for all affected vehicles.

In 2016, another major issue emerged when some Tesla Model S owners began reporting that their cars were overheating and shutting down unexpectedly. Again, this was traced back to a problem with the battery pack, and Tesla issued another recall and released a software update to try and fix the issue.

tesla interior with an ipad looking controller setup

These are just some of the issues that have plagued Tesla’s flagship vehicle over the years.

Tesla Model 3 issues

The Tesla Model 3 is the company’s first mass-market car, and it has been fraught with production issues. The car has seen production delays, and quality control issues have been a problem. Some owners have also complained about problems with the paint, panels, and trim on the cars. There have also been reports of issues with the brakes and suspension on the Model 3. While Tesla has addressed some of these issues, others continue to plague the company and its flagship vehicle.

Tesla Model X issues

Since Tesla released the Model X in 2015, the company has been plagued with production issues. One of the most common issues is that the doors won’t open or close properly. There have also been reports of the seats squeaking and the center console not working correctly. In addition, some owners have complained about the paint quality and finish on their Model X. While these issues are certainly frustrating for Tesla owners, it’s important to remember that any new car will have some kinks that need to be worked out. That said, Tesla is working hard to fix these issues and ensure that all Model X owners are happy with their purchase. Here is a pretty open and honest review about someone who really wanted to love their Model X but just wasn’t happy with it overall:

Tesla Model Y issues

Since Tesla first released the Model Y, many reports of common issues have come up. Some Model Y owners have reported problems with the paint and finish of their cars, while others have had issues with the car’s doors and windows.

One of the most common issues Tesla Model Y owners have faced is the car’s paint job. Many owners have reported that their car’s paint has begun to peel and chip within just a few months of ownership. This issue seems to be especially prevalent on the black paint option.

Another common issue Tesla Model Y owners have reported is with the car’s doors and windows. Many owners have said that the doors and windows of their vehicles are tough to close and open and that they often get stuck in one position.

In conclusion, Tesla’s issues with cars are not as big of a deal as they may seem. Yes, some problems have been reported, but Tesla is committed to making things suitable for their customers. They are constantly working to improve their vehicles and will continue to do so in the future. We believe that Tesla is a company you can trust, and we hope you will consider them when you are looking for your next car.