Toyota prius rv style

Prius RV

All about the prius RV Toyota Prius RV style, Whoopee! That’s what we want to make it known as. This weekend at Tokyo Auto Salon, along with NAPAC, Toyota announced that it will reportedly be offering a Toyota Prius RV Style. And if your question is, does this exist? Then our answer is yes. ) … Read more

The cr z hondas hybrid race car

rearview of the CRX

All about the CR Z hybrid race car According to the CEO of 7Tune, Juston Karow, Mugen parts will be featured on various dates from April and will include front and rear half spoilers, front grille, side skirts, rear wing, hydrophilic side mirror replacements and two different alloy wheel designs for the exterior, while performance … Read more

RCZ Nokia with a 2 0 hdi fap 200hp engine

Car parked outside

This RCZ Nokia is one of our favourite cars and Peugeot has released a particular edition of the coupe. The RCZ Nokia was developed jointly with the corporation, and it will be taking part in various events throughout Europe in 2011. The Team Peugeot RCZ Nokai will race that beauty during the entirety of the … Read more

Nissan Nismo GTR racing competition

rear lights of a gtr

Nissan’s Nissan NISMO GT-R Racing Competition event was held at this year’s Tokyo Auto Show, where the vehicle’s standard was demonstrated to be the best in a GT-R roadgoing car. The Nissan NISMO GT-R Stainless Steel Competition and stiff suspension setup focus on track use and are lighter than the standard vehicle. Nissan suggests that … Read more

Mazda introducing new Mazda RX7

Modded RX7

News on the RX7 A significant group of designers and engineers in Hiroshima have started working with Mazda, which is planning to present its next sports car featuring a rotary engine next year. In addition, the car company s chief executive, Nobuhiro Yamanaka, mentioned that a new RX-7 is on the way for 2017. Mazda … Read more

Lexus LFA chrome delivered in australia

White lexus lfa

We’ve now seen Range Rover Chrome, Chevy Camaro Chrome, and the Kim Kardashian Audi R8 Chrome. Now, here is the Lexus LFA Chrome. The seller of this Lexus LFA Chrome will be the first person in the world to have this supercar’s chrome wrapped version. It was recently delivered to Australia, where it was sold … Read more

Is it worth the trouble owning a right hand drive

RHD vehicle

Why it is, or isn’t worth it to get a RHD Should you jump into owning a Right Hand Drive car without thinking about the differences between your Left Hand Drive cars in your area? Probably not… but we will look at the things you should take into consideration? Getting parts for your RHD vehicle … Read more

How Porsche created a real life electric turbo boost

Porsche outside

Learn about Porsches electric turbo booss The 918 RSR’s performance hybrid system uses a large flywheel to store energy which can be released on command – like a real-life turbo boost button. Here’s how it works:Step 1.) Hit the Brakes! The driver quickly presses the middle pedal. Clever electrical stuff starts happening. Two electric motor/generators, … Read more

Honda snow socks

Honda snow socks are tire covers which are designed to be easy to use and provide a solution to help get drivers moving on side roads covered in snow. They can be kept in the boot and slipped on to the front set of tires when needed.From $87 per pair, snow socks provide extra traction … Read more

Honda cr z will get more power

Honda parked outside

Updates to the Honda CR Z coming The 2013 Honda CR-Z can be identified by its range of styling upgrades that emphasize its sporty appeal. Style conscious motorists will appreciate the Honda CR-Z’s new front bumper design, which frames a revised grille. This is complemented at the rear by a new aerodynamic diffuser design, while … Read more