Why Is My Car Creaking When I Turn?

engine bay at of a Nissan car

If you’re driving along and suddenly start hearing a creaking noise every time you turn the wheel, it can be pretty alarming…. But don’t worry; in most cases, it’s not a huge problem and can be easily fixed. In this post, we’ll explore some of the common reasons why your car makes creaking noises when … Read more

What Maintenance Does a Car Need at 50000 Miles?

a mechanic checking in on a cars fluids

As your car hits the 50,000-mile mark, it’s time to start thinking about some preventative maintenance ( and throw a birthday party for it!). While cars can last over 200,000 miles without any issues, you must keep an eye for the common issues that can occur as you use/drive the car. So what do you … Read more

How is Ford making the electric F 150s

Ford F150 Platinum on 26' Chrome rims

Ford’s Electric F150 Ford’s electric F150 has created a buzz in the automotive industry. The all-electric pickup truck is set to revolutionize how we think about efficient, reliable, and powerful vehicles. With its environmentally friendly design, long-range and massive torque, Ford’s electric F150 is leading the way for innovation in the auto industry. The all-new … Read more

Can I Drive My Car if it Says Maintenance Required?

odometer lit up with orange lights at night

If you own a car, it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance to avoid any issues that could’ve been presented. But what do you do if your car gives you a Maintenance Required message while you are driving? Can you still drive it? Let’s take a look and see what it means, what happens … Read more

What does the g gearing do for Toyota Corollas?

an ad for the toyota corolla from 1978

Introduction Toyota is a car manufacturer with a long history of producing reliable and efficient vehicles. Many of their cars have unique features that stand out from the competition, such as the “B Gear” feature. This article aims to explain what the B Gear does in Toyota models and how it can affect your driving … Read more

How to Keep Car Maintenance Records by Vin

mechanic testing out a car engine

The Vin number is the most important part of a car…. it’s like its Birth certificate and tracking number all in one. This number can be used to track a car’s history and is essential for keeping maintenance records. Here are some tips on how to keep accurate car maintenance records by vin. Keep a … Read more