Dodge Charger Redline concept at Detroit auto show

Thoughts on the Dodge Charger

At the 2012 Detroit Auto Show a couple of weeks ago, Dodge revealed their new Mopar concept car that has been modified from the Charger models. Called the Dodge Charger Redline Concept, it made a great visual impact with its primary color being a stunning red, a carbon fiber rear spoiler, and 20″ Mopar Black Envy wheels. The inside of the car is also primarily red, with red leather seats and an interior door and instrument panel that continue to stimulate the driver’s driving desire. In addition to that, there are metal pedals. The Charger Redline has also been upgraded with a full-cat back exhaust system and a switch to sports brake pads and brake calipers in order to achieve better results.

Dodge Charger Redline

The Dodge Charger Redline concept is equipped with a more powerful Gen III 426 7.0-liter HEMIV8 engine than the original car’s 5.7-liter V8 HEMI engine, with a maximum power of 598 horsepower. It’s worth mentioning that the new engine is lighter in weight, 45kg lighter than the old engine. Mopar stressed that this engine is limited to track and off-road use.The biggest and brightest spot in the Dodge Charger Redline concept’s changes in body appearance and stability is the upgrade in power, which allows the car’s dynamic performance to be worth the wait.

Red Dodge Charger in a parking lot