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Every once in a while, we happen upon a video that just amazes us. And as you know, we love Donut Media, as their videos are just amazing. They have the perfect mix of humor, knowledge, and entertainment, which is the perfect recipe for car videos. So while we were watching this clip, we thought it was worth sharing as we love engine swaps and these ones are pretty insane.

Our favorite swap

The best engine swap we liked was the Ferrari which got a K series swap. It might sound crazy, but the Ferrari came with 163 horsepower… which is underwhelming to say the least. So they swapped the K series in and added a turbo try to get it to the goal of 1000 HP, which is impressive, to say the very least out of an engine that you can usually get for around $500-$600. And because we love our Honda and Acura stuff for starting points of your project over here, we thought it be worthwhile to look at why so many people love the K series engines.

Performance: Benefits & Advantages of the K series

The Honda K Series Engine offers a variety of benefits and advantages which is why people choose them as a base for their builds. The engine features lightweight aluminum construction that makes it perfect for vehicles needing improved fuel economy ( or a huge boost in hp). It also boasts an impressive torque curve with high-end power that is ideal for performance applications.

The engine is designed to deliver reliable operation as well as consistent horsepower throughout its operating range, making it an excellent choice for both daily drivers and track cars alike. On top of these already awesome benefits, the engine has a well-designed cylinder head that enables optimal airflow and improved combustion efficiency resulting in increased power output.

This improves throttle response while maintaining exceptional fuel economy when compared to similar engines. You get huge numbers from bolt-ons that usually don’t add much HP to the wheel.

Reliability: Quality & Durability

The Honda K series engine is known for its quality and durability, earning it a reputation for reliability. As the engine of choice in the Honda Civic Type R, it has been heralded as one of the most reliable engines ever made. The K series engine is known for its high power and torque output combined with excellent fuel economy. It also has low emissions levels, making it an environmentally friendly option.

This is why the guy chose the engine to be the base for his 1000 hp goal. With this type of durability, you probably won’t have to check out what the Honda error code means that you encounter, so don’t overlook this engine if you want a bulletproof base for your build.

The Honda K series engine is one of the most popular engines available today. It is renowned for its reliability and performance in various applications. Pretty much, for the price, you won’t find anything close to what it offers as far as durability, reliability, starting hp, and torque, as well as the huge gains it can make pretty easily.

Firstly, the Honda K series engine is incredibly fuel efficient, thanks to its advanced technology like variable valve timing (VVT) and electronic fuel injection (EFI). Not only does this allow it to deliver excellent power output but also helps keep running costs down as well. Furthermore, its lightweight construction contributes to improved acceleration and cornering performance too.

Another factor that has contributed to the success of the Honda K series engine is its ability to be modified easily for different applications. And, if you got an RSX within it you got a great-looking car that pairs well with the engine:

blue rsx parked in a lot with the sun going down
Not a bad base for a project at all…

The other swap that we loved was when someone put a Tesla system into a Chevy truck that’s getting over 800 hp. Then, someone went the other way and put an LS engine into a Tesla… just for fun. So the Camero engine took a bit more time and effort as there is no chance it is a drop-in. On top of that, the same guy was aiming to put a diesel engine into one as well, which should be exciting.

The final swap

We don’t want to ruin the surprise at the end of the video so we suggest you take a look at it, as it sounds like it could be explosive… just kidding.. well, kind of somehow. You can make it work if you really try, but either way, take a look at the video as it’s pretty awesome.

And if you want to check out all of Donuts videos, which we suggest doing.. here is a link to their channel on youtube.