Audi r8 razor gtr 10 by ppi automotive

Check out the Audi R8 customization here

This Audi R8 Razor that caught my eyes was designed by those people from PPI Automotive. Germans do not skimp when it comes to using the carbon fiber that all will like… The carbon body kit includes, front and rear bumper, bonnet, doors, spoiler, pod sides and sides skirts which are designed with a throughput for cooling the front brakes.

And last but not least, the wheels are also carbon fiber (as you will see in the pictures) and in addition it has a carbon ceramic break system. For those who want it only because there are ten like this in the world and is ranked as the Audi R8 most expensive ever built for a cost of € 360,000 ($ 468.200). The engine did not much, just played with their exhaust system to give a total of 599hp vs. the factory 510hp bringing the V10 engine.

Our thoughts… The R8 is amazing to start with … think about upgrading it?!! The results are truly amazing, and you can check out all the info in its glory right here:

But here are some pictures that show you just how amazing this car can really be:

Black audi r8 on the road
Such an amazing sleek car
Front view of R8
Just perfect
R8 V10 engine
And the star of the show