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Introduction to Squash Air Fresheners

You may have been lucky enough to have that one moment in time where an unknown scent enters your nose and just blows your mind. Is it good, is it bad? Why is it so strong? Is it candy? Is it a spilled pop? What IS THAT SMELL? and why … why do I like it? Why do I crave it, all while being almost ready to throw up due to the overwhelming strength of the assault on your nose?

This.. my friends, is what it is like to get into a car with an Air Spencer Squash refill freshly opened is like.

You are thrown into a state of utter confusion, to the point where you don’t even know if it is good or bad… but strangely, as you exit the car, you are left wondering where to buy one.

Don’t worry, as we have been there, and that’s why we wanted to do a write-up about the fantastic world of squash air fresheners. As little as the name relates to the smell is about the same level that the love/hate relationship is with this smell. You either love it ( or crave it ) or despise it. There is no in-between, this, my friend is the durian of car air fresheners.

Stick with us while we regale you on this magical scents history, its options, and all the info about this mystical being… the squash air freshener… known simply as squash

Air Spencer Squash

Air Spencer Squash is a popular air freshener that has been around for many years, as I can still remember my friends Civic that would eliminate this scent as it drove by. You could smell it on him hours after he left his car. It’s my one-stop smell for nostalgia, as it takes me back to such simpler times.

It is an easy-to-use product that can help to keep any room or vehicle smelling fresh and clean. Its unique scent also provides a pleasant aroma that adds a nice touch to any space. And let’s be honest, using an air freshener isn’t rocket science… but we will get into that in a bit…

The Air Spencer Squash air freshener uses a special formula of natural ingredients like citrus, mint, and lavender oils for its signature smell and longevity. This blend creates a long-lasting scent that can fill even the biggest spaces with delightfully sweet aromas.

The product comes in liquid spray bottles, air vent options, and solid gel packs, so it’s easy to find the right solution for your needs. Additionally, they are available in convenient single-use packages and larger refill containers that provide great value over time.

What is an Air Spencer?

So before we go forward, let’s set this record straight. Air Spencer is the company that makes the famous squash scent, but it is also interchangeable with the actual unit/refill itself. Much like Google is similar to search engines, Air Spencer is the default whenever people talk about squash air fresheners. Its the OG, IT IS SQUASH. So going forward, we will use Air Spencer to reference the refill, the holder, and the company.

How Does an Air Spencer Work?

An air spencer is a unique and effective way to freshen up the air in any room. It is a small and lightweight device that releases essential oils at regular intervals, creating an aroma that eliminates odors from the environment. Air spencers are becoming increasingly popular among households worldwide, as they are easy to use and require minimal maintenance.

Interestingly, if you go the canned route for your scent you can open it from both sides. There is a great write up about Air spencer and their quality which is somewhere to learn new stuff.

Different Squash scent options from air spencer

Air Spencer has long been one of the most trusted names in air fresheners, and their squash-scented range is no exception. With a variety of scents to choose from, Air Spencer provides a unique and refreshing scent for any car or home. Their squash-scented range includes both natural and artificial fragrances that are sure to please even the pickiest nose.

But, we didn’t even realize how many different options there are when it comes to squash.

Options for squash air fresheners

Here is the list we got from the Air Spencer site for the variations of squash available right now:

different smell variants for squash air fresheners from air spencer
Squash options
  • Marine Squash
  • Marine Blue Squash
  • Sparkling Squash
  • Sazan Squash
  • Dry Squash
  • Clear Squash
  • Squash

As you can see, there are a bunch of options, and truth be told, we have only had the chance to smell Marine and Squash. Personally, we like the classic scent of the Squash smell over the Marine option.

Here is a breakdown from their site, which apparently has its own squash smell index:

a scale for the different squash scents
The squash index

We can’t even really describe the scent, which is why we think Squash is the perfect choice of naming for the product. What does squash smell like … who knows… Some say that this fragrance contains notes of sweet orange, lime, vanilla, and warm spice that blend together perfectly to create a pleasant aroma. While others will say it smells like an artificial version featuring aromas of melon, cucumber, and lemon zest blended with hints of blackberry jam. Whatever it is, it is something that is just magical!

Benefits of Air Spencer

Air Spencer is an amazing air freshener on the market for years and continues to be a top pick for many buyers. Its unique design and long-lasting scent make it especially popular among car owners looking for a reliable way to keep their car smelling fresh.

So really, the price is decent… the smell is amazing.. and it lasts a while. Can’t go wrong.

Setting Up An Air Spencer

Installing an Air Spencer is quick and simple; you only need scissors and a few basic supplies. If you are using the gel replacement we suggest that you only peel a little corner back, and let it sit for a bit. The smell is very strong so give it some time to get in the air. Once you notice it getting a bit weak open the package a bit more.

If you are going with the circular can route, we suggest the same thing, start with the smallest opening you can and adjust it. If you go and open it the full way it won’t last as long and it is a really strong smell.

Where to Buy an Air Spencer

There’s a lot of online stores that offer Air Spencer products and they vary in price. As they are always Major department stores such as Wal-Mart and Target have been known to stock these products, making them easy to find and purchase. Additionally, many auto parts retailers sell these air fresheners, giving you the chance to purchase them along with other essential car care items. Online shopping sites like Amazon also make it easy for you to find what you need without having to leave your house!

But, as we said, prices change all the time. We used to see the refills for around $7-$12 but it looks like the refills are at around $15 on most places online.

Conclusion: The best air freshener ever

The air Spencer squash air freshener is a great way to keep your car fresh and smelling amazing. It has been around for over 40 years, making it a trusted product among drivers. Its design features an easy-to-use clip that can be attached to the vent of your car, or thrown under your car seat without issue and its long-lasting scent will keep your car smelling great for weeks on end.

We just love the smell for all its uniqueness, and this is one of those things like Coca-Cola. You just can’t find a cheap no-name version that is close enough to justify saving the money. There are things in life when you can pinch pennies but Coke, Cheese, and Squash Air Fresheners are not the places. Or car tires… those are important too.