In case you haven’t noticed, and have come to check out older posts or forum posts. We don’t have any of the old videos.

While you might be thinking this is odd, as you have some of the text. But the truth is that we only put up some of the pages as there were so many. We put up the ones that had the most people looking for them. HOWEVER, we did not just repost the original content as we didn’t write that and that isn’t fair. We did our best to paraphrase that information so that the people looking for that info would at least get some. They didn’t get all ( as that was in the originals ) but we did our best.

This is the same as the videos. We just didn’t feel it was right to find them and put them up and present it like we did the videos etc. There might be some youtube videos that we have added but by no means to we present it like we make them. It is clear that it isn’t Jeffs name on Youtube.

If there are any questions or comments , just send us a message via the contact us page.

Thank you