Car won’t start driving after going through deep water guide

pushing a car up a road in a flooded street

What Should you do if your car doesn’t start after going through water? If your car doesn’t start after driving through water, don’t worry; you can try a few things. We know that you probably didn’t think the water was that deep when you drove through it, or you just didn’t have a chance; either … Read more

Why is Honda a great base for a tuning project

type r civic on a track

Introduction For many reasons, Honda has long been a popular choice for car tuners and modifiers. One of the main reasons is that Honda engines are incredibly reliable and easy to work on. This makes it a great platform for those who want to improve performance without worrying about engine failure. But there must be … Read more

2013-2017 Honda Accord Accessories

2014 Lowered Accord

Different options for Honda Accord accessories There are plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect accessories for your Accord. Whether you’re looking for something to help improve your car’s performance or want to add a little bit of style, there are a variety of accessories available for the Honda Accord. The sad … Read more

Learn about the S2000, the supercar for everyone


Introduction to the S2000 and where our love story begins. The S2000 was introduced in 1999 as Honda’s new flagship sports car. It was designed to be a serious performance machine with a high-revving engine, rear-wheel drive, and a balanced chassis. The S2000 quickly became popular among driving enthusiasts for its incredible handling and engaging … Read more

Lowering Springs? Are they worth it?

Introduction to lowering your car If you’re looking to lower your car, a set of lowering springs might be the way to go. They’ll give you the ability to adjust the ride height of your car, making it easier to get in and out, as well as improving handling and aerodynamics. They also are considerably … Read more