How to Fix Hazed Headlights In Your Car?

hazed headlights

How Do You Fix Hazed Headlights in Your Car? Picture this: you’re out on the open road, cruising along in your car. The sun is setting, and all that stands between you and a safe journey home are two headlights illuminating the way ahead. Suddenly, you realize they’re not as bright as usual—something’s wrong. Your … Read more

5 step guide to getting clear headlights

silver round car headlight from an older car

Introduction to cleaning your foggy headlights Do you have cloudy headlights that are driving you nuts? You know, with less light on the road when you need it and, to be honest, just a huge eyesore. No one wants to look at cloudy headlights; you want them to be crystal clear and sparkling. Are you … Read more

Wetsand or get a kit for cloudy headlights?

side view of a foggy headlight

Introduction: Should You Use A Headlight Restoration Kit, Or Wetsand Your Headlights? Have you ever seen a car with foggy, yellow headlights? It looks like something out of an old horror movie! But fear not – restoring your headlights can be easier than it seems. The question is: Should you use a headlight restoration kit … Read more

How to clean your headlights with toothpaste

white and green tube bottle

How To Clean Headlights With Toothpaste Headlight restoration is an important part of car maintenance. Keeping your headlights clean allows you to see when driving at night, and also helps to give your car a refreshed look. Cleaning them can be tedious work, but did you know that toothpaste could help? Believe it or not, … Read more