Understanding the S and B Positions in Toyota Vehicles

black toyota car steering wheel

As a Toyota owner, it’s important to understand the different driving modes available in your vehicle. One of the most commonly misunderstood features is the “S” and “B” positions on the gear shift lever. This article will explain the differences between these two positions and how to use them properly. Like we have brought up … Read more

Automatic Gear Shift: Understanding the Letters and Numbers

gearing options in an automatic car

Introduction to gear shifting letters and numbers When it comes to operating a vehicle, understanding the various components and systems is crucial for safe and efficient driving. One important aspect is the automatic gear shift, which controls power transmission from the engine to the wheels. While you might be thinking how hard it can be … Read more

What does the L mean on the shifter?

shift knob in a bmw

Introduction The “L” on a car’s gearshift can often be a source of confusion for many drivers. Although it may seem insignificant, understanding the purpose and function of this gear can greatly enhance your driving experience. In our article, we’ll explore the meaning and usage of the “L” gear in modern automobiles. What Does the … Read more

Understanding How Shifter Moves Affect Gear Changes in Your Vehicle

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Introduction Gear shifting is an essential component of driving a manual transmission vehicle. However, many drivers may not be aware of the proper techniques for shifting gears. This article will discuss the importance of proper gear-shifting techniques and how they can improve the overall driving experience. So we are going to review what a shifter … Read more