How is Ford making the electric F 150s

Ford F150 Platinum on 26' Chrome rims

Ford’s Electric F150 Ford’s electric F150 has created a buzz in the automotive industry. The all-electric pickup truck is set to revolutionize how we think about efficient, reliable, and powerful vehicles. With its environmentally friendly design, long-range and massive torque, Ford’s electric F150 is leading the way for innovation in the auto industry. The all-new … Read more

A $2,000 Electric truck?! HOW???

Intro to this $2000 e truck from China Every once in a while you will stumble across something that just causes a bit of pause… and for us it was the title of this youtube video “Unboxing & Testing My Chinese “$2,000″ ELECTRIC Truck!” How can you say no to that? Of course we couldn’t … Read more