Automatic Gear Shift: Understanding the Letters and Numbers

gearing options in an automatic car

Introduction to gear shifting letters and numbers When it comes to operating a vehicle, understanding the various components and systems is crucial for safe and efficient driving. One important aspect is the automatic gear shift, which controls power transmission from the engine to the wheels. While you might be thinking how hard it can be … Read more

What is the Mada-9?

the mala 9

Introduction to the Mala 9 The Taliban, usually known for their insurgency against the government of Afghanistan, has recently been spotted showing off their made-in-Afghanistan Supercar powered by a Toyota engine of some sort. Dubbed the “Taliban Supercar,” this vehicle has raised questions about pretty much every aspect of the car. In this article, we … Read more

Car Overheating: Causes and Solutions

car overheating

Introduction If you’ve ever experienced your car overheating and returning to normal, you know how frustrating and potentially dangerous it can be. A car’s cooling system is responsible for regulating the engine’s temperature, and it can lead to overheating when it’s not functioning properly. Several reasons a car might overheat and then return to normal. … Read more

What are the worst Ford Focus generations?

ford focus logo on the back of a car

Introduction to Ford Focus Issues, a review of specific years to avoid and common issues The Ford Focus has been a popular vehicle amongst drivers of all ages since its introduction in 1998. Despite the Focus’s popularity and reliability, several issues have been reported over the years that can affect the car’s performance. We will … Read more

Why Is My Car Battery Not Holding a Charge?

new car battery installed

Introduction Having trouble with your car battery not holding a charge? You’re not alone. Many drivers find themselves stuck on the road when their car battery loses its power. There are several potential causes for this issue, and understanding why it is happening can help you know how to address it properly. There are many … Read more

The Truth About Forced Induction 4-Cylinder Engines: Are They Really Junk?

black and white piston picture of an engine

Introduction There have been many discussions recently about forced induction 4-cylinder engines and whether or not they’re worth the investment. Some claim these engines are junk, while others swear by them as the ultimate solution for boosting horsepower and torque. So, what’s the truth? Are forced induction 4-cylinder engines junk, or are they a valuable … Read more

Shifter moving but wont change gears?

manual shifter in a car

Introduction If you’re new to cars, it’s important to understand that the shifter is a lever located in the center console of a car (usually between the front seats). It is used to select which gear the car should be in. When you move the shifter, you are telling the transmission (the part of the … Read more

Car Maintenance History Report: Discover the Hidden Advantages

lineup of new cars for sale

Introduction A car maintenance history report is a tool that can be used to check a vehicle’s service and repair history. This report can provide valuable information about a car, such as when it was last serviced and what work was done. A maintenance history report can also reveal hidden advantages, such as extended warranties … Read more