How to Keep Car Maintenance Records by Vin

mechanic testing out a car engine

The Vin number is the most important part of a car…. it’s like its Birth certificate and tracking number all in one. This number can be used to track a car’s history and is essential for keeping maintenance records. Here are some tips on how to keep accurate car maintenance records by vin. Keep a … Read more

Car won’t start after snowstorm

Car under a heavy snowfall

Introduction It’s happened to all of us. You go to start your car after a snowstorm, and nothing happens. No matter how many times you hit the gas, the engine won’t turn over. So, what gives? Why won’t your car start after sitting in the snow? If you’ve had this happen, you know how irritating … Read more

Learn about the S2000, the supercar for everyone


Introduction to the S2000 and where our love story begins. The S2000 was introduced in 1999 as Honda’s new flagship sports car. It was designed to be a serious performance machine with a high-revving engine, rear-wheel drive, and a balanced chassis. The S2000 quickly became popular among driving enthusiasts for its incredible handling and engaging … Read more

Why do we love Donut medias videos so much?

Donut media logo

Introduction: Who is Donut Media? Donut Media is a car-focused YouTube channel that produces videos on a variety of topics related to cars.  They produce a wide range of car-related content, from reviews and test drives to DIY tutorials and history lessons. Their videos are fun and can help people from all levels of car … Read more