Can I Drive My Car if it Says Maintenance Required?

odometer lit up with orange lights at night

If you own a car, it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance to avoid any issues that could’ve been presented. But what do you do if your car gives you a Maintenance Required message while you are driving? Can you still drive it? Let’s take a look and see what it means, what happens … Read more

How to Keep Car Maintenance Records by Vin

mechanic testing out a car engine

The Vin number is the most important part of a car…. it’s like its Birth certificate and tracking number all in one. This number can be used to track a car’s history and is essential for keeping maintenance records. Here are some tips on how to keep accurate car maintenance records by vin. Keep a … Read more

The worst cars for Transmission issues

Car engine start button

Introduction Transmission failure is one of the most common and expensive car repairs. Many things can cause it, but the most common cause is a leak in the system. Transmission fluid leaks can be difficult to spot, because they often happen slowly over time. If you suspect your car has a transmission fluid leak, it’s … Read more

Can you change your own car’s transmission?

a car transmission that has the cover taken off

Can you change your own car’s transmission? It’s one thing to think about a way to save money… it’s another thing to think about changing your car’s transmission to save money…. We are all for DIY projects but for most people we can’t really suggest this as a first time mod or maintenance project. This … Read more

Reasons why you would need to rebuild a car’s transmission

exposed gears of a transmission

Why might you need to rebuild your car’s transmission? If your car seems like it is having transmission problems, you will probably want to get it checked out. At first it might just be small hesitations or slipping in gears, but you want to try to fix the issue before it get to the point … Read more