Is high mileage motor oil a scam?

bottles of oil to buy from a car shop

What is High Mileage Oil? High mileage oil is a special type of motor oil specifically designed for cars and trucks that have accumulated a lot miles. It’s formulated to handle the unique needs of an engine with over 75,000 miles and can help extend the life of your vehicle. High mileage oils typically contain … Read more

5 Most Common Engine Error Codes for Honda Civics

rear shot of newer honda civic si

What are Honda Civic Engine Error Codes? Honda Civics are one of the market’s most reliable and fuel-efficient cars. With regular maintenance, they can provide years of trouble-free driving. However, it’s important to know what engine error codes your car is displaying when something goes wrong. Common Honda Civic engine error codes can indicate various … Read more

Causes and fixes for Squealing AC units in your car

air conditioning knobs

Hearing Noises from Your AC? If you’ve been hearing noises coming from your AC, there’s a few things it could be, and we will go over pretty much every aspect of this issue in our article. We will look at the following: -First, check to see if any of your vents are blocked. If they … Read more

Car won’t start driving after going through deep water guide

pushing a car up a road in a flooded street

What Should you do if your car doesn’t start after going through water? If your car doesn’t start after driving through water, don’t worry; you can try a few things. We know that you probably didn’t think the water was that deep when you drove through it, or you just didn’t have a chance; either … Read more

Reasons why you would need to rebuild a car’s transmission

exposed gears of a transmission

Why might you need to rebuild your car’s transmission? If your car seems like it is having transmission problems, you will probably want to get it checked out. At first it might just be small hesitations or slipping in gears, but you want to try to fix the issue before it get to the point … Read more

7440 vs. 7443 bulbs – What’s the big difference?

close up picture of 7443 bulb

7440 vs. 7443 – Introduction to our article comparing these lights For anyone who’s unsure about the difference between 7440 and 7443 lights, this article is for you. We’ll go over the key differences between the two so that you can make sure that you get the right bulb for your car/truck or whatever you … Read more