Issues with car after using Seafoam

beakers filled with chemicals

Introduction Alright, first things first, we aren’t here on a witchhunt for Sea Foam. We have heard of a lot of people using it and loving the outcome. Like most things in life, no matter what the majority of people say there will always be people that don’t experience the same outcome. From watching movies … Read more

Can you change your own car’s transmission?

a car transmission that has the cover taken off

Can you change your own car’s transmission? It’s one thing to think about a way to save money… it’s another thing to think about changing your car’s transmission to save money…. We are all for DIY projects but for most people we can’t really suggest this as a first time mod or maintenance project. This … Read more

Causes and fixes for Squealing AC units in your car

air conditioning knobs

Hearing Noises from Your AC? If you’ve been hearing noises coming from your AC, there’s a few things it could be, and we will go over pretty much every aspect of this issue in our article. We will look at the following: -First, check to see if any of your vents are blocked. If they … Read more

Mazda Miata Weight

grey miata parked on the road with some snow on the side

Weighing in on the Mazda Miata The Mazda Miata is a beloved sports car among auto enthusiasts. But how much does each Miata generation and model weigh? Don’t worry as we do all the legwork for you and have each of the years of each of the generations listed in LBs. So if you want … Read more

Car won’t start driving after going through deep water guide

pushing a car up a road in a flooded street

What Should you do if your car doesn’t start after going through water? If your car doesn’t start after driving through water, don’t worry; you can try a few things. We know that you probably didn’t think the water was that deep when you drove through it, or you just didn’t have a chance; either … Read more

Our guide for buying a used car

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Intro to our used car buying guide Buying a used car can be a great way to save money, but you won’t be saving money if it turns out to be a big headache ( and sinkhole ) with lots of issues. We look at the easiest, and least expensive ways, to try to protect … Read more