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Is the 2012 Acura TL a good car, our introduction?

The 2012 Acura TL is a good car. It’s comfortable, stylish, and loaded with features. It’s not the quickest or most powerful car in its class, but it’s a solid all-around performer. But, as nice as it looks this generation and year/model did have a couple of pretty impactful issues. We will go over the things to look for before you buy one, or to keep an eye on if you currently own it as these issues can cost a lot of money to fix. Find out everything you need to know about the 2012 Acura TL in our article.

acura tl parked on the side of the road
acura on the side of the road

Are Acura TLs Reliable Cars?

The Acura TL is a reliable car, but this year did have a decent amount of issues, which is why we are doing a full article to review them.They are built with quality materials and designed to last, so if you get a good one then you are pretty safe… but if you have the misfortune to get a lemon… you will be in for a long… bumpy…. road ahead of you ( and an expensive one too)

What Transmission Does an Acura TL Have?

The Acura TL comes with a six-speed automatic transmission. This transmission is designed to work with the car’s V6 engine to provide smooth, responsive acceleration. It includes features like SportShift paddles that let the driver manually control gears and a lock-up torque converter that helps improve fuel efficiency.

Does the 2012 Acura TL have transmission issues?

There are no known transmission issues with the 2012 Acura TL. The car has a very solid and reliable transmission that has been tested and proven over time. There have been no recalls or known problems with this particular model year. If you are experiencing any transmission problems, it is likely due to another issue such as a faulty sensor or something else.

Top 2012 Acura TL Problems

The top 2012 Acura TL problems include transmission, engine, and electrical problems. Transmission issues are the most common, with some owners reporting that their car won’t shift gears properly or that it’s hard to get into reverse. Engine problems are also common, with some owners reporting that their car stalls or has a hard time starting. Electrical problems are less common, but some owners have reported issues with the car’s lights or audio system. Overall, the most common complaints about the 2012 Acura TL are related to its transmission and engine.

Common Acura TL Problems

Acura TL is a luxury sedan that was introduced in 1996. It is known for its reliability and performance. However, there are some common problems that owners have reported with this car. The most common problems include transmission issues, engine knocking, and electrical problems. These problems can be expensive to fix, so it is important to be aware of them before purchasing an Acura TL.

The Worst Year for the Acura TL

The worst year for the Acura TL was undoubtedly 2020. The pandemic caused a massive decrease in demand for new cars, and Acura’s sales suffered as a result. The TL was one of the hardest-hit models, with sales falling by nearly 50%. This was a disappointing performance for a car that had been completely redesigned just two years earlier. Many believe that the TL’s poor showing this year is due to its higher price point compared to other similar models on the market. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that 2020 was not a good year for the Acura TL.

The Best Year for the Acura TL

The best year for the Acura TL was 2006. That was the year when the TL won Consumer Reports’ “Top Pick” designation and was named one of Car and Driver’s “10Best Cars.” It was also the year when the TL received a complete redesign, inside and out. The result was a vehicle that looked and felt more luxurious than its predecessor, while still offering plenty of performance and features. For 2006, the TL came standard with a V6 engine, leather seats, heated front seats, a sunroof, and an in-dash six-disc CD changer. It was also one of the first cars to offer an integrated Bluetooth hands-free system. All of these features helped make the TL a top choice in its class.

Automatic Transmission Torque Converter problem

An automatic transmission torque converter is a fluid coupling that transfers rotational energy between the engine and the transmission. It is an important component of an automatic transmission, as it helps to transfer power from the engine to the transmission. However, if the torque converter is not working properly, it can cause problems with the transmission.

The torque converter is a fluid coupling that transfers power from the engine to the transmission. It is what allows the engine to idle without the transmission engaging.

If the torque converter is not working properly, it can cause the transmission to slip or not engage at all. This can lead to a loss of power and decreased fuel efficiency.

What are the symptoms of a bad torque converter?

Several symptoms can indicate a problem with the torque converter:

The engine revs but the car don’t move: This is the most common symptom of a bad torque converter. If the engine revs but the car doesn’t move, it means that the torque converter is not transferring power to the transmission.

The car moves, but the engine doesn’t rev: This can happen if the torque converter is not locking up properly. When this happens, power is being transferred to the transmission but not to the engine. This can lead to decreased fuel efficiency and increased wear on the transmission.

The car shakes or vibrates when in gear: This can be caused by a variety of factors, but if it only happens when in gear, it’s likely due to a problem with the torque converter.

Should you buy the 2012 Acura TL?

The 2012 Acura TL is a great car. It has a comfortable interior, good fuel economy, and is packed with features. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable car, the TL is a great choice.

The 2012 Acura TL has a few other power train-related problems. One is that the engine may stall when idling, especially when the air conditioning is on. Another issue is that the transmission may hesitate or jerk when shifting gears, especially when cold. These problems are most likely due to issues with the computer system that controls the engine and transmission.

4th Gen Acura TL: What Owners Say

The fourth-generation Acura TL was produced between 2004 and 2008. It was available with a V6 engine and front-wheel or all-wheel drive. Critics praised the TL for its sharp handling, powerful engine, and luxurious interior. Owners also liked the car’s comfortable ride and high-quality materials. However, some found the TL’s controls confusing and criticized its small trunk.

2009-2014 Acura TL Common Problems

The Acura TL is a great car but has some common problems. The most common problem is with the transmission which can have problems shifting, and it can also be noisy. Another common problem is with the engine, which can sometimes have issues with oil leaks and burning oil.

DTC Code Problems In Acura TL Transmissions

Acura TL transmissions are known to have DTC code problems. These codes can be caused by some different issues, ranging from electrical problems to mechanical issues. In some cases, the codes can be cleared by simply resetting the transmission. However, in other cases, the codes may require more extensive repairs. Acura dealerships and certified repair shops are typically able to diagnose and repair these issues.

2012 Acura TL No Start, No Sound, No Crank when you turn the key in the ignition

If your 2012 Acura TL doesn’t start, don’t panic. You can check a few things to see what’s causing the problem. First, make sure there’s no problem with the battery. If the battery is dead, you’ll need to jump-start it or replace it. Next, check the fuses and relays. If any of them are blown, that could be the reason your car won’t start. Finally, if none of those things seem to be the problem, it could be an issue with the starter or ignition switch. If you still can’t get your car started, take it to a mechanic to check it out.

Conclusion to our look at Acura TL issues

We’ve looked at a few different issues with the Acura TL and how to fix them. Overall, the Acura TL is a reliable and affordable vehicle. However, there are a few things that you should keep an eye on. Make sure to check the oil level and tire pressure regularly. If you notice any strange noises or vibrations, take it to a mechanic to check it out. With proper maintenance, your Acura TL will continue to run smoothly for many years to come.